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At Alliance for Food Security, we involve ourselves with any meaningful effort, mainly in the agricultural sector and related fields, that goes towards increasing food security for all people in the current and future generations. In other words, we are committed to Accessible, Sufficient, Safe and Nutritious Food for All and at All Times. Ensuring that every human being has access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food at all times is the bare minimum to accord a human being, infact a right that every human being should be accorded. It is unfortunate that in the world community as it stands now;

  • Some have food while others don’t have.
  • Some eat whatever is available to just remain alive while others eat balanced diet.
  • Some die for simply lacking something to eat while others swim in plenty.
  • Some develop health complications and even die of illnesses related to inadequate diets while others remain stable and probably suffer no food-inadequacy related illnesses.
  • Some will drop out or have already dropped out of school due to food-related challenges while the lucky ones remain in school to pursue their dreams of an even better life.
  • Someone is going to under-perform in class or even at the place of work because they are facing food challenges, their full potential may never be realized.
  • Someone will kill or has already killed another because a dispute over what to eat!
  • And it is not just unfortunate but even very sad that some governments across the nations of the world have failed in their most basic duty of ensuring their people don’t die of hunger or suffer illnesses related to food inadequacy yet their revenue authorities continue to ruthlessly collect hefty taxes as revenue whose utilization lacks prudence!
  • It’s a shame that the greatest chunk of these revenues are allocated to less-important priorities while another huge chunk of it is corruptly or unfairly diverted to enrich selected few at the expense of the masses.


In the midst of all this gloom and doom we must however not forget to recognize and thank all who have devoted their energies and resources towards this basic duty, from individuals, organizations to governments. Theirs is a sacrifice, for which they will be blessed. While some have majored in offering relief food in times of food distress, others have sought to intervene in the root cause of food insecurity-that is the Agricultural and related sectors based on the wise notion that teaching people how to do fishing is a far much better undertaking  than teaching them only how to eat fish. At Alliance for Food Security we strongly believe that the former-teaching them how to fish- is the best approach to address food insecurity in the longterm, and that is not to diminish the importance of short term measures such as relief food as it seeks to keep the victims alive and healthy as long term solutions are sought. Alliance for Food Security wishes therefore to commend and salute all those involved in these efforts and further express our willingness and commitment to collaborate you to deepen the solution to food insecurity.

Some of the areas of our focus in this regard include but not limited to;


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