Youth and women in agriculture

Focusing on women and the youth is key to transforming agriculture in Africa and by extension
boost food security. Despite the fact that women and youth make up the largest percentage of our
population, their role in agriculture remains undermined. Both categories are less empowered
and recognized for their current and potential contribution towards the efforts to boost food
security through agriculture. In Africa 60 per cent of the population is less than 24 years old and
12 million young people join the workforce every year, many of who are jobless. On the other
hand roughly half of the population nationally and globally is women, yet their potential
contribution towards agriculture and food security remains unappreciated and fully realized.
Currently, only 15 per cent of landowners are women globally (Kaaria and Osorio, 2018).
Currently, women comprise around 50% of the agricultural labour force in Sub-Saharan Africa,
an increase from about 45 percent in 1980. The role women and youth play in agriculture has
remained constrained by their lack of involvement in decision-making, access to finances and
meaningful training. Empowered women and Youth farmers can increase their income, develop
a stable rural livelihood and contribute to ensuring food security.

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