Farm Aftercare Support and Mentorship for Agricultural Projects will Advance

Alliance for food security transformation agenda in the agenda agricultural sector and in particular ensures food security. Successful aftercare support and mentorship to agricultural project will advance the Government’s strategy for the transformation agenda in the agricultural sector. Agricultural extension and technical input improves sustainable land utilization and production in land reform farms in the context of aftercare support.

The overall outcome objective is to provide an effective aftercare support foundation to ensure that sustainable agricultural development takes place. We promote entry and participation in the entire value chain and advance enterprise development through agro-processing and value-adding activities.

To do this, Alliance for food security applies a best practice, project-based approach. The interventions to deliver the technical skills transfer include:

– Customized mentorship programmes

– Technical extension inputs

– Infrastructural support services

– Access to markets

– Training and capacity building that is relevant to the needs and circumstances of the farmers

– Monitoring and evaluation tools which include regular tracking and reporting on the progress of the projects against the project objectives.

All projects have exit strategies that will allow continuity of the project activities after the termination of the support activities.

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